Bad Solutions to Real Problems

by Contraband Countryband

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released February 9, 2017

Cast (in order of appearance)

Jared Nelson - electric & acoustic guitars/vocals (all tracks); Casio CTK-401 (7, 9)
Olie Eshleman - electric guitar (1,6); pedal steel (8)
Simon Henneman - Fender Bass VI (1,6); guitar solo (1)
Chuck Pinnell - drums (1,6); percussion (6)
Dashiell Sanders - guitar (2)
Dave Webb - drums (2, 4)
Chris Borgia - bass (4, 8)
Michael Van Bebber - keyboards & backing vocals (5)
Kory Christian - drums (8)

Recorded by: Dave Abramson (1,6), Dave Webb (2,4), Jared Nelson (3,7,9), Michael Van Bebber (5)
Mastered by: Jeff McNulty




all rights reserved


Contraband Countryband Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Lee's Death Wish
I'm going down to the west coast, I'm going down to the sea
See something on the horizon, something big and mean
It's looking to be L.A., but that don't bother me
Don't remind me of nothing but my wife and Robert E. Lee

My wife, she's married, but she don't wear no rings
Eight days in the shower and still she doesn't sing
Looking out of my window, where did the fog line go?
I don't care, it's forty bucks and another girly show

One week ago Sunday I was lying on the beach
Seagulls poking fun, I was dying to get beat
So I cracked open a can and I cracked open my head
And I cracked myself awake and I found myself in bed

In my bed next to me, I saw my wife
But she was dreaming of the general, I could see it in her eyes
So I rode my pony to the grocery store and I bought myself a gun
And I found Lee's grave to tell him, "You're gonna pay for what you done"
Track Name: An Admirable Piece of Power
We don't have much time to talk
You're born, you die and it stops
So choose your words well
Keep an eye on yourself
And don't spend all your time trying to tell me about someone else

How many times did I try
To change your mind with a look in your eye?
And you'd just frown
Turn the music down
And I'd just sit and listen to the sound

Last night I was in bed with a friend
She said she had determined
That I was the worst
Because I was the first
Track Name: Experts & Lovers
Vs. 1
Hey man, what you looking at?
Is that really your point of view?
If you spend any time listening to what you're saying
You got too much time to lose
It's not that things are getting worse
It's that we got more in the news
But I ain't gonna say that it's getting any better
'Cause I don't want to sound like a fool

Experts and lovers never give the best advice
Spend your time listening to what they say you'll end up fighting for your life
I have discovered when you're trying to survive
Experts and lovers get left behind

Vs. 2
What's a marching motto?
Souls: Commodified, Bought and Sold!
Another idea for the next best seller
Another shot at platinum and gold
When I was a boy we never believed a thing
But we always did like we were told
Back when people were still sleeping around
And love hadn't grown so cold

Vs. 3
Some folks are living all lonely
Got nothing to do or say
Other folks are running a little too busy
Can't find anytime in the day
Hard work will only get you so far
At some point it's how much you pay
When the returns are ever-decreasing
Better save it away for a rainy day

Track Name: Country Pie
Look at ol' saxophone Joe...etc...
Track Name: Manzanita (Tell 'Em That It's Not the Same)
Let's go to Manzanita
Spend a week out on the beach there
All day long with nothing, no, nothing to do

Go and find some best friends
Tell 'em we're determined
To do anything get done that we needed to do

Oh, tell 'em that it's not the same

I remember at your party
I was drunk when I departed
And I walked home listening to Jimmie Rodgers songs

In the morning I hardly spoke
I just laughed at every joke
I could tell myself to forget all that I done wrong

Oh, tell 'em that it's not the same
Track Name: Bad Times Do End
I'm going where the bad times do end
I'm going where the bad times do end
In the arms of a woman or the good company of a friend
I'm going where the bad times do end

Repeat Chorus

Verse 1
You say that life's an illusion and that love is all we are
Tell that to all these people just crying for you at the bar
Life's full of suffering and the pain leaves lots of scars
But that don't matter to you 'cause your gone and we're right back where we are


Verse 2
I'm tired of living in a world that's gone away
Feel like there's nothing I can do and I know there's nothing I can say
Gotta find me a potion that can keep these notions down
Block out all the pictures and drown out all the sounds


Verse 3
Gonna find me a highway, one that's as straight as it is long
Gonna find me a woman, one who is as pretty as she is strong
Gonna keep on driving 'till we arrive in some foreign land
Put our things out by the water, get our feet wet in the sand

I'm going where the bad times do end (repeat)
Track Name: Yul Brynner in Paris Blues
insert angry rant here
Track Name: Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer) [Live at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater]
You can't go home if you're going by the rail...etc...
Track Name: Country Hippie Song #5 [Emergency Space Version]
Vs. 1
Who wants to go and walk a thousand miles?
'Cause I've been doubting all of my smiles
You're always being listened to on the phone
So many listening, you know you're alone

I'll show you my soles, well, they don't wear as thick as they used to
Gotta remember just to make things mean what they're supposed to
That's why I practice - always seeking the steady hand
Tomorrow I felt like shit, yesterday I'll be feeling grand

Vs. 2
Don't worry man you gotta hold your ground
Tonight there's lots of pretty young women around
No need for Arizona if there's one thing we all know
There's always if not a lot further south you can go


Vs. 3
I'm sorry, sir, I didn't realize that I'd signed a contract
If you believed what you said you'd forget all your facts
Times never done and nothing ever stays the same
So why are you so concerned about all of this change?